Well, well, well, I’ve found another excuse to make a blog, and an excuse to buy a domain.

The difference between this blog and my others would be this blog has more of a purpose, as much purpose as a blog can have, at least. I moved to Utah, for school. I go to Utah Valley University.

So there’s that, but that’s not the only reason I made this blog. Another reason is because I have a communications class, and coincidentally my communications teacher (professor?) wants us all to make blogs.

So here it is, my blog. I’ll admit at the moment I write this I’m not sure if I’m even going to keep this blog. Although I did buy the domain, so… But thanks or reading and please keep at it!

I intend to have some sort of schedule of posting, and that way it will force me to actually go out into the world and do stuff- wish me luck!

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